#410… SCI., RELIG., etc.: “Christian Psychologists–really!”


10% to 25% of all the teachers and professors of philosophy in the U. S. today are


Orthodox¹ Christians


up from less than 1% just 30 years ago.

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  According to Timothy Keller²: “Prominent academic Stanley Fish may have had an eye on that trend when he reported, ‘When Jacques Derrida died [in November 2004] I was called by a reporter who wanted to know what would succeed high theory and the triumvirate of race, gender, and class as the center of intellectual energy in the academy. I answered like a shot, religion.”

   Religion may be strongly hated and despised by many in this noisy, fast-communicating world, but there’s now a strong representation of Christian faith on many secular campuses.


   ¹”Orthodox” in this case refers to those who lean toward evangelical Christianity. This quote comes from Keller (see next note) quoting from “Defending the Faith,” by Douglas Groothuis in Books and Culture (July/August 2003). Note further that the Society of Christian Philosophers (founded in 1978) includes 10 percent of all the teachers and professors of philosophy in the country.

   ² Timothy Keller, The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism (Dutton, Penguin, 2008). For more on Keller see previous post.

Author: John Knapp