#408… sci., RELIG., etc.: “Too Much Information, Too Little Time!”


There’s so much information!


How do I stay up to date?


I want to learn all I can…


    but where do I begin?


This is simple, short, and sweet. Don’t blow it off!  But use the DOOR, please…




   Warning:  This is strictly from Christian point of view.


   First, you might want to consider Columbia University biochemist Stuart Firestein’s frustration about our information overload. [In the little search rectangle at the upper left type in Mountains of Facts, or just {4}.] He has trouble even understanding the opening paragraph of the research of the person across the hall where he works. The amount of information available–simple or complicated–is incredible.

   We’ve said several times that there are 3 questions every caring person should ask himself regularly–altogether totaling 9 words: They are

(1)  What is?

(2)  What matters?

(3)  Then what should I do?

   Sounds good, but how do I start? First, we’ll not begin discussing these questions again, other than saying, “So much is in and around me. But some of these things really do matter much more than others. A Christian (with a “heart” and a “mind,” as we usually parse it) starts off (or should start off) the day by coming to God in prayer. Even Jesus, on Earth, communed with his Father in prayer. Perhaps he was puzzled by the many choices that lay before Him.

   Should we say something like:

   “Lord, I open myself to knowledge, but may I focus on what matters today, and I mean doing and not just thinking. Please lead me. To and through the right “doors.”  Then down the right hallways, paths, tunnels or whatever. May I not be wrong or wasteful. It’s easy to forget something important.”

   Sound ridiculous? Too childlike?

   When Jesus was teaching about prayer, He said say this: “Give me my daily bread.”

   Two comments: (1) Not all “bread” comes in plastic or paper–or even sliced; we need meat as well to explore the metaphor here. (2) Asking for it “daily” means that at bedtime, the prayer is used up. Tomorrow we need to ask again.

   Should we really?

   Why not…


   Special personal note:  Karen, is this sort of post more to your liking?  Send a note if you see this. Happy Anniversary ♥.  –John

Author: John Knapp