#404…sci., relig., ETC.: “The Recent Spate of Shooting in America”

A word about all the


Shooting and Killing in America


(and where part of the problem lies…)


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   This is little more than a short babbling about the seeming explosion of feelings about all the recent killings, murderings, and mindless assassinations going on in 2015 in America.

   This opinion comes from raw, angry feeling. There will be only one footnote.

   I am absolutely convinced that the increasing number of killings are partly caused by overcoverage of the visual media.When some innocent person is randomly brutally murdered, why must the media the interview dozens of people again and again as to “how they feel” and “what they think about” what is happening? The same details are verbally and visually played over ad nauseam. The message is clear to that small population of mentally deranged: If you want to get attention and you care nothing about your hopeless and disgusting life–whatever your cause–get a gun and start shooting. Your picture will be flashed all over the world and people’s jaws will drop.

   So the media will respond: “It’s news.” and “We have to give the people what they want. And we have to do it better than everyone else.”

   We need to be informed. We need facts. But if we as a nation have to repeatedly feed on the gore of a single horror, and welcome the brainwashing the media offer us,  God help us!

   Yes, we need to know what’s happening. Give us the story. But I don’t need to know how each parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, and grandparent “feels” about the senseless murder of a child. “They feel very, very bad about it” if you want to know. There’s no need to feed the mind of a deviant pondering whether or not to be the next one to make headlines.

   For the record, Strauss and Howe predicted in 1997 that a “fourth turning” would lead to dark days in America. So far they’ve been right on target¹. Things are not about to get better very soon. Americans are angry. Expect photo ops of terror and gawking public rage against it to only increase.


   ¹ See William Strauss & Neil Howe’s once best-selling The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy (1997) and our four posts that appeared about it in June, 2014 (#215, #216, #217, and #218).

Author: John Knapp