#398…sci., relig., ETC: “How to Find That Thing You Put Somewhere”


A moment while we catch our breath…


Have you ever put something in a special place to keep it “safe,” and then, in your mind, “lose” the location of that place?


Here’s how to overcome that problem¹.


But you’ll have to use the DOOR.

(And you know where that is…)




   You have to quickly hide that extra cash, or small treasured heirloom for a friend who says he’ll be gone for a week. You hide it behind a set of books on one of your crusty bookshelves, that in spite of their importance, nobody is going to take books off to read anymore–except for maybe you in a “dozen” years. (Except for the possibility of fire, such bookshelves are perfect hiding places.) Your friend, however, doesn’t come back for ten months.

   But where did you put what you carefully saved? For the life of you (an appropriate cliché), you can’t remember this single non-routine act!

   There are all kinds of variations to this scenario.

   Here’s how to avoid that pitfall:

   We’ll stick with our “bookshelf example.” When you first secretly hide the, say, extra roll of cash, do this (privately, of course): Walk across the room, then quickly return to the hiding place, pull back the books and glance at the roll in its hiding place carefully return the books to their regular place. Return to the door as if you were leaving.

   Then repeat one more time what you did in the above paragraph.

   Always do this two times.

   Refuse to think of yourself as an idiot. You’re practicing good practical psychology.

   If you do this twice, you’ll remember it forever.

   Here’s a bonus:

   You or your wife has to quickly leave the house and leave a purse behind. What to do? The dryer in the laundry room is the perfect place to hide it! No male thief in his right (or wrong) mind will look there. If you still can’t remember where you put it, the next time you turn on the dryer the tinkling, banging, and crashing will refresh your memory.


   ¹ We try to be proud of giving you sources. Blame this one solely on adozenseconds.com.

Author: John Knapp