#352…sci., relig., ETC.: “The Best U. S. Presidents”


To quote Thomas Flagel¹

and his 3 lists…


3 Presidents are in the Top 5 best of each list,

3 different Presidents head each list.


The authorities here:

The Wall Street Journal  (2000)

The Siena Poll  (2002)

Thomas R. Flagel¹  (historian, 2007)


For more use the DOOR.




   The ranking of Presidents started in 1948…

   Now here are 3 fairly recent lists (I’ll only cite the top 5 from each).

   [Quoting Flagel]   “Among the most vigorous and reputable lists have been the Siena Research Institute review and the Wall Street Journal–Federalist Society analysis. Both involved scores of historians, political scientists, and law experts with diverse outlooks who graded the executives on a multitude of criteria, ranging from domestic policy to court appointments, imagination, and luck. Following are their rankings compared to this author’s, who places the greatest scrutiny on foreign policy, economic initiatives, labor and land management, and response to crises.”


Wall Street Journal  (2000)    Siena Poll (2002)       Thomas R. Flagel (2007)

1)  George Washington        1)  Franklin Roosevelt      1)  Theodore Roosevelt

2)  Abraham Lincoln            2)  Abraham Lincoln         2)  Franklin Roosevelt

3)  Franklin Roosevelt          3)  Theodore Roosevelt   3)  George Washington

4)  Thomas Jefferson            4)  George Washington  4)  Thomas Jefferson

5)  Theodore Roosevelt         5)  Thomas Jefferson     5)  James K. Polk


   (Why Polk? some may ask. Possibly because during his presidency trouble with Mexico was resolved and the U. S. became 1/3 larger and Mexico smaller by 1/2. America would hardly be what it is today without this “adjustment” that was cleverly carried out.)


   ¹ Thomas R. Flegel, The History Buff’s Guide to the Presidents (Cumberland House, 2007).

Author: John Knapp