#349…sci., relig., ETC.: “Queue Up to Examine Queue Words”


And not just for Scrabble…There’s



                  [pronounced kyou]


(and it offshoots, “queued,” “queueing,” or “queuing,”and “queueable¹”).


For more about this fine word, use the DOOR.




   First, a definition:

Queue (n) is   (a) “a line or sequence of people,” or in computerese, “a list of data items,” often arranged sequentially.”

Queue (v) means to “take one’s place in a queue.” Or, to “queue up” means to be extremely keen to do something.


  Now the first bonus:

Queueing is a good (Scrabble) vowel dump! Note 5 vowels coming together in the center!

  Now the second bonus:

Cooeeing and miaouing also have 5 vowels all together. And they’re acceptable Scrabble words.


  The third bonus:

Euouae, which is “a cadence in mediaeval music” is all (6) vowels, but Scabble hasn’t caught up with it.


   ¹ Not acceptable in Scrabble.

Author: John Knapp