#347…SCI., RELIG., etc.: “A Naturalist History of Discovery of a Comet”

   We discussed this comet in our last post. Now we’ll note the Big Picture (briefly) from a Naturalist’s point of view.


   This area is called Agilkia [the ground area of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko] where after 10 years Philae [a lander] was dropped by Rosetta [the spacecraft] that from Earth chased and found the tiny comet [maybe 3 mi. in diameter] speeding away in its egg-shaped orbit. Then Rosetta detected nitrogen on this tiny “dirtball” and sent the message back to Earth folks who were waiting for messages.


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   These messages from space were received by Earth creatures who had become complex enough by a series of millions of happy accidents over millions of years that led to their arising from simpler creatures which, in turn, emerged from complex molecules, accidentally protected from harsh environmental conditions which, in turn, had emerged from simpler molecules which accidentally emerged from atoms which, in turn, emerged accidentally from smaller particles and energy.

   There were many accidents and there was much time.

   But there was no purpose, no plan, no mind before matter.

   That would be silly superstition.

Author: John Knapp