Remember “333”


It’s going to be a REFERENCE POST to help readers navigate past posts, some of which have clever (?) but not very informative titles.

We’ll keep adding things here which are useful to find old stuff.


      For more use the DOOR.





   We’ve done more than 300 posts, and we’ve learned a few things along the way….

   First, as of March 2, 2015, each post has a unique three-digit number preceded by a “hashtag” or pound sign. That way we can send you to a previous post with usually just 4 keystrokes. For example, #999 (which, of course hasn’t been written). Just type the number in our little search rectangle at the upper left.

   (A couple or more keystrokes, however, may be required if we’ve referred back to the post one or more times…)

   One weakness we’ve tried to work through is that a “clever” title may hide what you’re looking for.


   From 2013

   So (and we’ll slowly add to this) here are some defining words that may help you get past what we masked. We’ve done this now for year 2013.

   #077   Knapp fiction:  “33 Minutes Left”

   #093   Knapp fiction:  “Vanatasia”

   #005   Knapp: practical advice (a)

   #111     Knapp: practical advice (b)

   #120    Knapp: practical advice (c)

   #008   Calendar days that actually vanished!

   #009   An excellent Christian/atheist debate

   #010   A nifty “language” example (it’s hard to describe…)

   #019   Astronomy is basically a study of history beyond the Earth.

   #022   Alexander Pope (a poet)

   #023   Some history about Passover

   #027   An unusual horrific experiment

   #054   Description of our website

   #063   Begins a Philosophy sequence of posts. On these start at {1} (using braces) and go to {2} and so on up to {30} something.

   #064  &  #065   Leonard Suskind, a prominent small particle physicist

   #139   “Romance” an example from a 1876 issue of Harper’s

   #143   Antony Flew: lifetime atheist gives up atheism.

Author: John Knapp