#328…sci., RELIG., ETC.: “Bible Password?”


Need a quick 4-, 5-, or 6-digit password for your garage door opener

(or whatever…)?


For more use the DOOR.





Here are the numbers:





   This is straight from the Bible. Mt. 25:14-30.

   Call it a Jesus’ Evaluation of Servants’ Success Encoded (or “JESSE”).

   Most Christians recall the parable. Jesus said that a master gave 5 talents to one servant (or slave), 2 talents to a second servant, and 1 talent to a third servant while he went away on a journey. It is implied that he expected them to put them to work earning more. Servant #1 and Servant #2 each doubled what he was given (a 100% return), while the 3rd servant buried his so it would be safe for returning to the master later (therefore a 0% return).

   One could talk for quite a while about all this implies. The first two were given identical verbal praise and the third one was punished for earning nothing extra. But more than that, the talent that he had was given to one who had 10, giving him 11.

   So the three servants ended up with 11, 4, and 0 respectively. Hence 1140 puts their results side by side. But if you insist upon giving each at least equal digits (or 2 each) for three, then you have 11, 04, and 00.

   But if 0 is simply 0 and not worth an extra digit, then you have 11, 04, and 0.

   You heard about this Bible code first at adozenseconds.com.

   And what about zero as a number not just “emptiness” or a space? Well, that happened sometime in the 9th century in India. But that’s not our subject here.

   Our 12 seconds is up.


Author: John Knapp