#322…sci., relig., ETC.: “Hobbes’s Ending: From the Greatest Card Ever”


Hobbes’s Ending


Sounds like a title for a good novel or short story. Well, this short story has no narrative wrap. It simply “is” and now it’s “out there.”


This is the way Jeanne Hobbes finished the world’s greatest card.


For more use the DOOR.




[The conclusion of 60 Reasons My Dad Is the Greatest Dad.]

41.  My dad gave me a great college education and a great car.

42.  My dad decided to give me my own bathroom when I was growing up–he knew what I would want before I did.

43.  My dad was never afraid to tell me that he loved me to show emotion.

44.  My dad is really funny, despite what my mother says.

45.  My dad makes great Christmas morning oatmeal.

46.  My dad made me Blue Boy, so I could have a real doll.

47.  My dad is a great writer.

48.  My dad taught me about “embracing” the morning at Heart Lake, “up and on,” the proper way to flush toilets (with a foot), the median people, and how to “knock ’em cold when I went to school.

49.  My dad used to play me “Connect 4.” Even though I always lost he let me know I was a “tough cookie.”

50.  My dad made me earn my Bible by memorizing all 66 books of the Bible. Now I don’t have to look them up like lots of people around me.

51.  My dad always has the right thing to say at the right time. He has the ability to lighten heavy situations with a joke, or make appropriate comments when the situation calls for it.

52.  My dad has a room full of trophies and medals. He earned his first one at age fifty.

53.  My dad never fails to provide us holiday entertainment with his personal battle with peanut brittle and by performing as “The Grinch” Christmas morning.

54.  While normal people are merely standing in line at the cash register taking up space, my dad is making anagrams out of the store’s name.

55.  My dad sends me weekly Monday Monsters with cattoons & notes, and my name with a heart around it on the envelope.

56.  My dad has given services of going to Sunday evening services with him when I was young (with Pastor Sauders), sneaking out on Christmas Eve to put together “Basket Brawl” in his office, picking out the large, outdoor Christmas candles at “The Bookmark” and spending an afternoon making the “Christmas Scene.”

57.  My dad knows how to keep phone calls short when they need to be.

58.  My dad is always full of interesting ideas or current events to talk about.

59.  My dad teaches me that although life often makes a million demands on you, it is possible to handle it all with grace and without being overwhelmed by it all.

60.  My dad created me, he prays for me, and he will always love me. Lucy me–I’m 1/2 my dad!!!!

I could go on and on.


   I challenge anyone anywhere to show me a better card. Now I have to go hang it back up on my wall.


Author: John Knapp