#320…sci., relig., ETC.: “The Greatest Greeting Card Ever”


[I’ve been accused of always drawing, but with minimal talent. And as to my “words,” since I was once a writing teacher? Well, I won’t go there…]


Almost 15 years ago, a former student, Jeanne Hobbes, showed me a homemade card she was about to use.


“Bet you can’t beat that!” she said with her eyes.


I couldn’t and I haven’t.


To check out the BEST personal card ever created, use the DOOR.




60 Reasons Why My Dad Is the Greatest

[No pictures, just words]


 1.  My dad taught me about God.

 2.  My dad is interested in EVERYTHING, and taught me to be the same way. Life is never dull because everything surrounding me is fascinating–always.

 3.  My dad is a great encourager. When I feel depressed, he tells me it’s not a big deal and somehow I believe it.

 4.  My dad helps me remember that my major flaws and “issues” are merely “rough edges.” I remind myself of that a lot.

 5.  My dad really cares about people. He is very compassionate. I have never seen my dad treat people with anything more than the utmost respect, regardless of how they treated him, what they looked like or how they acted.

 6.  My dad is a passionate person. He is fun to talk with about interesting things. He is never dull or passive.

 7.  My dad got a free senior coffee at McDonald’s for kicking a shamrock hanging from the ceiling. I was impressed. Enough said.

 8.  My dad provides me with great conversational material. I have entertained many with my tales of my dad and his adventures.

 9.  My sense of roots is very unique. No one else has a dad quite like mine. To people that know him, he is legendary.

10. My dad likes animals, even though sometimes he pretends not to.

11.  When I haven’t seen my dad in a while, he always greets me by yelling “Jeanne!¹” and gives me a huge hug.

12.  My dad gave me the security of knowing that I will always be a princess to somebody.

13.  My dad likes to try new things. He has a spirit of adventure.

14.  My dad doesn’t act old. Many of my friends’ fathers retired themselves ten years ago.

15.  My dad is financially wise, and has taught me by example to be frugal. He has also taught me that there are times to be generous.

16.  My dad taught me by example how important it is to be part of a church, and to serve in church.

17.  My dad helped develop my passion for reading.

18.  My dad used to leave me presents under my pillow. He never gave them to me, he left them under my pillow. That was cool.

19.  My dad loves my mother and gave me the privilege of growing up in a “safe” family that liked to be together.

20.  My dad is a really hard worker. He doesn’t do things half way.

   And this is just the beginning. More next time. Will teachers ever throw out all their old papers?


   ¹ Name slightly modified to protect the innocent.

Author: John Knapp