#315…sci., RELIG., etc.: “Getting Practical with the Bible (3 of 3)”


The last of 3 dozen (less 1)…

verses to start thinking

about key Christian behaviors

and attitudes…


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(25)  Phil. 4:6-7    Don’t be anxious    …………….    about anything.


For more use the DOOR.




(26)  Phil. 4:5:10-12     Blessed are those who are persecuted for

                                                God’s sake. (That’s not for just being

                                                a pain in the neck!)


(27)  Rom. 1:16               Paul wasn’t ashamed of being a Christian;

                                                neither should you be.


(28)  Rom. 10:14-15     People need to hear the Word before they

                                                can believe it.


(29) Mt. 16:24-25         Following Christ is serious business; you

                                                must deny yourself and “take up

                                                your cross” and follow Christ.


(30)  John 15:5              Jesus is the “vine” and we are the “branches.”

                                                You can only “bear fruit” by abiding in

                                                Him. (Jesus uses symbols and teaches

                                                By telling stories.)


(31)  II Tim. 3:16           All Scripture is from God; consequently,

                                                Scripture has authority.


(32)  Col. 3:5                   Put to death your old sinful nature.


(33)  Phil. 3:13               Forget what is behind; press on to what is



(34)  Psa. 24:1-2           The Earth and everything in it is the Lord’s.

                                                Why? He made it.


(35)  Dt. 19:10-13         Witchcraft is to be totally avoided. (See

                                                also Gal. 5:20.)

   As stated earlier, these verses I’ve used as 5-minute Sunday school “openers” to plant seeds that can grow into questions in class, or in the future. They are not intended to deal with the issue addressed which is, of course, more complicated than a bumper sticker declaration. It helps for young people to hear face-to-face from (nonfamily) adults who believe these things, have thought about them, and declare their importance–especially in a 5-minute “wrapper” that a Christian adult has put together.

  Two more things:  (1) These passages and ideas are by no means a “fixed set”; much hasn’t been addressed. It’s just what we used years ago.  And (2) as we’ve said several times before, the context of using single verses and verse groups is important to consider so as not to force a Bible passage to say things it was never intended to say.

Author: John Knapp