#307…sci., relig., ETC.: “Jefferson on Democracy”


Observed in Florida Today¹:


Thomas Jefferson, who participated in writing both The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution said:


   “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.


   “It is incumbent upon every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.”



           For a few seconds more use the DOOR.





   Democracy is a wonderful method for people to use to get along with each other. But it is not a magic bullet to solve every social problem. It is easy to see how the weak and wrongdoers can abuse this great principle. [♠]

   I share these words simply as an efficient talking point to discuss what we should do socially and how we should go about it.

   (It is suitable, perhaps, for homeschool essays about how we should live, vote, and go about business. For other information that might be suitable for homeschooling, look for the [♠] symbol and the tab at the top.)


   ¹ This information was drawn from “Founding Fathers didn’t intend public office to be a career,” by guest columnist Ilene Davis for Florida Today (a fine newspaper, by the way). Of note: Ms Davis is a Libertarian and has been a certified financial planner in Brevard County, FL, for decades. I mention this partly because Libertarianism (Ron and Rand Paul are Libertarians) is a loaded political viewpoint with many pluses and, in my view, some minuses as well. The media, as far as I can tell, have hardly vetted the Pauls and other Libertarians who are–philosophically–associated to some extent with Ayn Rand.

Author: John Knapp