#294…sci., REL, etc.: “For Christmas, a book that hangs around…”


If you’re familiar with Pillar of Pepper,

you need go no farther.


Just be aware it’s available at Amazon

in a beautiful hardback edition

with a picture for each of

the 100+ rhymes.


For more use the DOOR.




   One of the joys of my life is hearing a kid say, “I was raised on your book!” For a moment I’m a hero. There was a lot of wrestling with words to put that collection together back in 1982. The poems are not a rehashing of the the classic rhymes, but original bite-sized pieces that are based on persons or events in the Bible–both Old and New Testaments.

   The first one I wrote was “Rahab”:

Rahab was a pretty girl

Who liked to primp and strut.

Neighbors thought her very haughty–

Naughty as can be!  But

Secretly she heard God’s voice

And acted on the matter.

In Jericho she save two spies

With her red rope ladder

               (Josh. 2:1-24; 6:17-25)

   In 1983, it won the first C. S. Lewis Gold Medal in a field of 100 children’s books. Sales then (through David C. Cook) were modest, but went to all parts of the world, especially in places were missionaries lived and worked. With a handy character and subject index, it has been used in Sunday school classes and for children’s sermons, as well as bedtime reading. It’s a great Christmas present for grandchildren.

   Amazon’s copies at the moment are low. If you have any trouble getting a copy, contact me at johnknapp2@gmail.com.

Author: John Knapp