#291…science, religion, ETC.:…”What About Plot?”


If writing a story


what then about plot,

   or the series of things that happen?


How far should a writer go?


For more there’s the DOOR.




   When I finish here, I’ll get back to writing “my story,” The Blood of Three Worlds. This is the “sequel” (and final offering) to my 2-volume prequel/sequel series dubbed THE EMRYSS CHRONCLES. The first book–and complete story–Earth Is Not Alone appears at the right. It’s available in print or electronic formats at Amazon along with reviews from those who loved, hated, and read it holding the book upside down. And you can read about the three planets, Earth, Emryss, and Elphia, at johnknapp2.com by clicking on the planets themselves.

   Here are questions I ask over and over as I write:

   (1)  What evidence is there for 3 planets “out there” that can sustain human life?

   (2)  How in the world (or “out of it”) can anyone safely get to another planet?

   (3)  What if there was evidence that some humans from out there have already arrived here?

   (4)  And if some look-like-us humans are already here, how should we treat them?

   (5)  How long would it take for anyone to get here from there, or vice versa?

   (6)  What does the speed of light have to do with all this?

   (7)  If humans exist in other worlds, are they enough like Earth-humans to be attractive to them, and vice versa, and interbreed? What about love? What would Darwinists say about this?

   (8)  What about animals and plants in other worlds? Are they the same or different? Why or why not?

   (9)  What about time there–clocks and calendars?

   (10)  Is “good-and-evil” the same issue in other places?

   (11)  If Christians could go to another planet–let’s suppose a very bright high school boy and girl actually go on a one-way trip there–what about their moral responsibility to themselves and each other? And what adults in their right minds would allow this to happen?

    (12)  What, if any, responsibility would they have  to people there?

    (13)  Does our Bible apply there? And what about the “Earth-local” death and resurrection of Jesus?

    (14)  How are human relationships established there?

    (15)  What are societal and political differences?

    (16)  What is their level of scientific understanding?

    (17)  What sort of important things do they know there that we don’t?

    (18)  How could a story about in such a world be credible?

   In The Blood of Three Worlds a unique spaceship takes off, and Christian faith hitches a ride. When C. S. Lewis was asked if his Narnia books were allegories, he said no, they are “supposals.” I am of that persuasion here.

  So I let the story happen. I welcome the chance to make people and things as real as I can so it can move beyond my keyboard.

Author: John Knapp