#280…science, religion, ETC.: “What Is Your ‘Loonies Quotient’?”


(This is ‘coined’ mainly for those……….. south of the Canadian border.)


Everyone has aLoonies Quotient


at least theoretically…


For more, use the DOOR.





[This comes the day after a multimillion dollar expenditure on an American election…]


   Humans are social creatures, and all more or less depend on others to survive. In fact we depend upon others more than we realize. And, yes, others lean on us more or less. There are different ways to think about this, so here’s one. Consider on this vertical scale an “S” to be “1” (very little leaning) and “L” to be “10” (very much leaning).


   L eaning

   O n

   O thers

   N early

   I n

   E verything

   S (see below¹)


   What does it mean to do “our part” in the “most democratic country” on the planet? (I have in mind the U.S. A.) When I read in the paper yesterday (at the time I wrote this) that there’s a big argument now in Texas (a state with many illegal border-crossing issues) as to whether it’s “wrong” to require a citizen to present a picture ID–from one of 6 different sources–in order to vote.

   One annoyed Texan has started lawsuit because it’s “too hard” for him and his friends to get a picture, so such a ruling discriminates. I’ll spare other details because they don’t matter here. Those who made America fair and democratic would have walked as long as it took to get to the polls to vote. (Okay I’m overstating.) I’d call this Texan a “10” on our scale, and I doubt if he realizes that in much of the world he can’t even raise this question publicly. Me?  I’m maybe a “4, 5, or 6.” depending on how one thinks about it. If everybody becomes a 10 about everything, the post crumbles and disappears.

   So we try a trade off of giving and taking. There’s food, shelter, gas, electrical power, and available dollars I’m depending upon. I’m “leaning” on people who can do things I can’t, or really don’t want to do. If there’s no Internet or electricity, there’ s no post to spend your dozen seconds on. Or food or heat. On the way out the door my wife handed me her smart phone with a warning that she’d be lost without it. We depend so much upon specialists (and electricity) to provide or service these things for the money we give them. And yes, they depend on that.

   So we’re all loonies to some extent. As a nation, we’re all less self-reliant and, of course, democratic. Everybody has a vote, so when we decide what we want to “get,” we essentially take a vote, add up the results, and follow the majority.

   But democracy quietly assumes that “giving” and “taking” should be about even. We lean on some people for some things, some lean on us for other things. And there’s the matter of self-reliance and looking out for others.  And that works out, says democracy, because people are basically good, are basically caring, and are, of course, equal.

   But people are flawed, concern for others is limited, and we aren’t equal.

   And now in many places the scales are badly tipping. There are more wanters, takers, and demanders than givers and providers. Do it for me with someone else’s money. So we vote for the impossible, for things that can never be guaranteed or delivered. There aren’t enough people or resources to make things happen according to what we feel we’re entitled to.

   Democracy has failed. No one dare suggest that we should accept less. In time, things will get ugly. Certain gaps are widening.

   After World War II, Winston Churchill said it this way: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

   Will democracy  let the “hungry” majority eventually change everrything and bring us down?

   And  if we’re all so flawed, will we all finally lean on something that’s no longer there? If not democracy, then what?

   A perfect dictator could fix things.

   A perfect one. No picture ID required.

   No humans need apply.


   ¹ For the “S,” how about “Secretly”? “Surreptitiously”? “Seditiously”? “Sagaciously”?  You choose…It’s your call.

Author: John Knapp