#273…SCIENCE, religion, ETC.: “Space and Mother Goose”


Traditional Mother Goose rhymes are wonderful:


Wild, rich, shocking, confusing, time-tested, a perfect base for beginning to learn…


even science.


Probable-Possible, my black hen,

She lays eggs in the Relative When.

She doesn’t lay eggs in the Positive Now

Because she’s unable to Postulate How.


[For a bit more of The Space Child’s Mother Goose, use the DOOR.] 




   Little Bo-Peep

   Has lost her sheep

The radar has failed to find them.

   They’ll all, face to face,

   Meet in parallel space,

Preceding their leaders behind them.


   See Saw

   Margery Daw

Recurs in a future dimension

   Since, in the past,

   She won’t work very fast,

Her wages are held in suspension.



   These are 3 poems from the 45-poem collection of The Space Child’s Mother Goose by Frederick Winsor, art by Marrian Parry  (Simon and Schuster, 1958).









Author: John Knapp