#272…SCIENCE, RELIGION, etc.: “Limits of Knowing”


What’s holding us back in developing T.O.E.?


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   First, “T.O.E.”  is the “Theory of Everything” and second, yes, this is a real term being bandied about by theoretical physicists and others in and out of science and philosophy.


   Why the fuss?  Naturalists claim that matter and energy with all their particles, waves, and such is all that there is, and if so, we should be able to find how all this fits together.  Things like how matter reacts, how and why people exist, and what and why people think the way they do.

   The shop is closed for any supernatural or fuzzy interference.

   But some things just don’t have logical, natural explanations–yet, of course–but many in the know say they never will. In general terms, here’s where some big problems lie:

   (1)  The laws of physics work fine “above ground” (so to speak), but the play by wholly different rules “underground” (so to speak). [This is Newtonian and Einsteinian physics vs. quantum (small particle physics)]. Beware of popular writing by “experts” about this. There’s a common blurring over of unproven (but “it has to take place”) physics. Scientists actually are buffaloed by much small particle physics.

   (2)  The Big Bang explosion of a pea-sized (or smaller) bit of matter/energy 13.7 or 13 .8 billion years ago led to what we see everywhere in the universe. Most scientists are convinced of this, but they are clueless to scientifically prove what came before this. [They have–several–wishful ideas but no proof they can agree on.]

   (3)  Millions of “accidental” chemical, electrical, and biological changes, without “outside tinkering,” took place over billions of years, finally accidentally changing those first Big Bang bits and sparks into the person typing and the person reading these words.

   (4)  Neuroscience has learned much about the physical structure of the brain, but is ignorant–so far, of course–of the complexities of just how the electricity traveling through 300,000,000,000 neurons (nerve cells) in each person’s brain twist and turn causing joy, sorrow, pain, hope, anxiety, and the sense of peace and beauty that each of us feels, though often in very different ways.

   That’s very general overview.

   And enough for here.

   Connecting the dots about how nature works, rather that just offering better technology and health treatment is what The Theory of Everything is all about.

   Quite a job, and far from being done.

Author: John Knapp