#265…science, RELIGION, etc.: “21st Century Prayer: Focus & Closing (Part 4)”


This finishes our 34-part form prayer.

See comments in red at the end.


Praying is focusing upon God and what He wants for us,

first and foremost.

A Christian prays “In Jesus’ name”

(adding in the final part of the Trinity, addressed at the beginning)


(27)      May I not be dulled

                  by the false brightness around me;

(28)      May your light shine in me

                  the remaining minutes of my life.


    [For more use the DOOR.]





(29)      May your kingdom come

                      and your will in everything 

                               be done.

(30)      And may my life forever rest in your hands.

(31)       May I be part of all you desire,

(32)       And may I desire what you want

                             every day.

(33)       In Jesus’ Name,

(34)       Amen.


   A form prayer can be a mechanical crutch. It should never replace spontaneous talking–privately or publicly–talking with God. What it can do is remind us of parts of our lives that can fall through the cracks in the heat of new and urgent issues. I, John Knapp II, offer you this to freely use and share. The four parts can be copied off this site. But see the part in red below.

   Remember snail mail?

   [For those desiring a paper copy of this prayer–all 34 parts–printed on a legal-sized sheet, enclose in an envelope $1 (U.S) as handling expense and one SASE (self-addressed stamped [49 ¢] envelope) business envelope to John Knapp II, 46 Knappian Way, Montrose, PA 18801. That’s sending information the old snail-mail way ♥. On this sheet will appear both a “personal” and a “corporate” (for groups) version of the 34-part prayer + more than 100 Bible references supporting what the prayer says. The prayer may be freely copied for others–and may be suitable for group worship, Sunday school or Sabbath classes, or small group use.]

Author: John Knapp