#258…science, RELIGION, etc.: “Important Christian Duties Put in Order”


(This one’s simple and short…written on Labor Day, 2014. I’m reminded of my youngest son, when as an undergraduate business major, was allowed to write a commentary of the N. T. book of Titus, as a final major senior paper¹. I was reading Titus early this morning and I thought of him.)


“[I]n all things show yourself to be an example of good deeds, with purity in doctrine, dignified, sound in speech…”²  –1 Tim. 2:7


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   At first glance, and that’s it this time, Paul is giving Titus, the young First Century Christian leader, some general advice (after some, perhaps, complicated specifics) which, of course, we’ll number:

(1)  Do good deeds

(2)  Be pure in doctrine

(3)  Be dignified

(4)  Be correct, and effective, in speaking

   Note here (with a check of the context) the order of what Paul says. First, focus on being good in what you do. Second, think properly about what you believe and how it all fits together. Third, give what you do the respect it deserves. Fourth, convey your message correctly and clearly in words.

   This underlines, I think, the oft-repeated maxim: one ministers first and most effectively by what one does, not what one says. The other factors, of course, matter, but deeds are the horse that pulls the carriage.


   ¹ My understanding of why this was possible, was that (1) my son had made the acquaintance of a Bible scholar at the college who had written commentaries on the two epistles of Paul to Timothy. (2) Add to that, my son’s keen interest in the Bible. (3) Lastly, he got an A on what he wrote.

   ² Context, context, context! Don’t forget to check that out. Don’t let a preacher, teacher, or writer of posts hijack a text for just personal reasons!

Author: John Knapp