#246…science, religion, ETC.: “3 Sure Things You Know”


Regarding “certainty“…


Although philosophers and physicists

may argue about just what

you can be confident about,


here are 3 sure, and important, things

that you never have to doubt,

and they involve just you:


(1)  The date your conscious life began

     on the surface of Earth¹.


[For more use the DOOR.]




(2)  In 110 years your conscious life will have disappeared from Earth².


(3)  You have to go on from this moment³.


   Since, as “they” say, “The devil is in the details,” “The most interesting parts often are in the footnotes,” let’s immediately go there.


    ¹ This, of course, assumes two things: (1) You have good records of your birth and, (2) Your consciousness appears on the surface of the Earth when you are born.

   ² I personally guarantee this. Besides, if you make it to your 110th birthday you’ll never be able to challenge me. I won’t be around. The point here is that we all have a growing, active minds processing information from Day 1 until our last day on Earth though it may slow down to a trickle in our last days. The conscious mind is who we are, not the physical molecules of our bodies. Now life after death (which, of course, we’re concerned about) is not the subject of this post. But be aware that certain philosophers and/or scientists consider the conscious mind, rather than the unconscious random dance of matter and energy to be foundational to the existence of the universe. Keith Ward, who we’ve mentioned several times, is one of these; Christians, and biocentrists (those with a knowledge of basic science–esp. human biology and physics–and who may not be Christians) are others. More on biocentrists at a later date.

   ³ “Going on” goes without saying. We live daily doing what needs to be done. But perhaps we many of us need to reach farther than we ordinarily do. As we’ve said several times [check out Post {13} “Stepping Across Stones” in our search window], a thoughtful, reflective person continually asks 3 questions as he faces himself in the mirror: (1) What is? (2) What matters? and (3) Then what should I do? Doing so can lead, we feel, to a richer, more fulfilling life.

   All this said, we believe there are more than 3 things you can be certain of. Turn around 3 times when no one’s watching and take a look at the rest of what’s going on.

Author: John Knapp