#242…SCIENCE, RELIGION, ETC.: “Things That Could Destroy Our Country”


America can be deliberately and horribly destroyed.

(As can other countries.)

There are perhaps a half dozen or so ways.


I will not name them¹.


But one prominent American has listed 3 of them.

And has extensively studied



For more use the DOOR.




    The following comes from the first two paragraphs of  Winning the Future by Newt Gingrich² [Numbering and coloring will be ours.]


   “Imagine the morning after an attack even more devastating than 9/11. It could happen. The threats are real and could literally destroy our country.

   “There are weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass murder, and weapons of mass disruption–[1] nuclear is first, [2] biological and chemical is second, [3] electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is third. All are real, and we are lulled into complacency by the fact that none is currently being used. But if any of them were used, the effect could be catastrophic.”

    The first two threats are familiar, the third–EMP–much less so. The fact that certain atmospheric nuclear explosions could destroy all commercial electrical power and any electrical device with electronic microcircuitry–whether it is “plugged in” or not–is hardly in the forefront of any public discussion. One can simply Google EMP to learn much more.

   Or read chapters 2, 11, and 12 from my novel, Earth Is Not Alone which is shown in the right sidebar. Chap. 11 gives an objective background of how EMP could affect a fictional community, and how rational, resourceful people might react to such an attack. Chapter 12 offers an explanation by an Evangelical Christian pastor with a science background about what might have happened and what Christians should do about it. Chapter 2 offers a true history of EMP and relates it to the novel. It takes 3 clicks:

(1) Click on the book cover on the sidebar.

(2) That lands you on the johnknapp2.com website.

(3) At the bar of the top of the page (or the home page) click on EMP. That takes you to the free read of ch. 2.

  Several books and TV programs have settings which have experienced EMP explosions. I haven’t seen any that seem to understand what the true effects would be. One good novel, however, first published a few months after my novel is One Second After by William R. Fortchen. It is recommended by Newt Gingrich, and I recommend it also.


   ¹ I can think of several ways that I will not mention. But the three ways of terror listed above have been widely and responsibly discussed. I have no reluctance in joining in discussion about those.

   ² Newt Gingrich, Winning the Future : A 21st Century Contract with America (Regnery, 2006). In books of this nature the date of publication should be noted.

Author: John Knapp