#240…SCIENCE, RELIGION, etc.: “Old-fashioned Science and New…”


   “At the beginning of the 20th century, the reigning cosmological paradigm posited that the universe was infinitely old, infinitely large, and chemically static and thus that the conditions necessary for operation of life’s chemicals remained unchanged over infinite time….

   “No matter where and how far away they looked, astronomers saw a universe that appeared endless and homogeneous…”



   This wasn’t the case by the end of the century…


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   “During the last 30 years of the 20th century, a number of mathematical theorems based on general relativity confirmed that even space and time had a beginning–coincident with the beginning of the universe. During the past 25 years [ending in 2006], astronomical measurements have established the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic doctrines of a universe with a single beginning. (This evidence contradicts the Hindu-Buddhist-New Age doctrine of a universe that cycles through an infinite or near infinite succession of beginnings and endings.¹)”


   Meaning…The universe is finite. It began and it will end.


   Which the Bible also declares.


   ¹ Hugh Ross, Creation As Science (Navpress, 2006), p.217. Ross, PhD from U. of Toronto, an astrophysicist/ evangelist, has lectured at over 300 campuses in the U. S. and abroad. He is founder and president of Reasons To Believe [reasons.org].



Author: John Knapp