#212…science, religion, ETC.: “Internet Neutrality?”


Big things are ahead for the Internet.


Neutrality Rules” (?)


And nobody seems to know

What’s going to happen…


So if you want to know more, use the DOOR.

And we’ll be brief…




   [The following comes from Michael Snider and Roger Yu of USA Today, May 16, 2014.]


   The Internet (always capitalized) now affects everyone.

   Like it or not.

   What:  The FCC has just “tentatively approved” some “neutrality rules” that they plan to study for 4 months.

   Conclusion:  By a 3 to 2 vote the council “approved proposals that call for equal treatment of all legal traffic on the Internet.”

   The Players:  (a) businesses who can afford to pay for privileges, (b) “camped-out protesters” who want the Net (note capital “N”) treated like a utility, and ( c ) providers like AT&T and Verizon who want a “light touch,” or something in between.

   The Game:  There are no rules on the books to give much guidance.

   Who pays when it’s all done?:  We will somehow.

   And where the final power to make decisions is remains to be seen…

Author: John Knapp