#171…science, religion, ETC.: “3 Bad American Decisions”


Here are 3 ways America has gone the wrong way:


1.  Not converting to the metric system.


2.  Not making English our national language.


3.  Continuing to spend more than we make.


To think about this further in a dozen seconds or so, use the DOOR…



(1)  The Metric System.

Why?  It’s much easier to use, and except for Liberia, the rest of the world uses it. What a time-saver it would be! We missed our big chance to change during the presidencies of John Adams, and then again with Gerald Ford. It would have been difficult, but every other country has eventually done it..

The future?  Well, aside from science and technology we haven’t done much, and probably we won’t do much more until future political realities demand it.

(2)  English

Why?  This is a hot issue about which much has been written. The sad thing is that non-English-speakers are too often ghettoized and forced into low-paying jobs without chance for advancement. America is historically a melting pot of people from everywhere. But the language of power, opportunity, fairness, and equality is English. Other languages are usually fine, and should be used and preserved for many reasons. But fluency in English drives the engine. We do no favors by discouraging this.

The future?  We’re not about to change. But the world will. See that your kids and grandkids learn Spanish and Chinese.

(3)  Buying things we can’t afford

Why?  If individual Americans spent money like the American government, they’d quickly either be out on the street or in prison. We cannot continue to spend ourselves into deeper and deeper debt. Cannot. The intensities and horrors of our compounding debt are hard to believe. And sadly, not enough people of influence care anymore, except for secretly continuing to feather their own personal nests.

Instructive here, I believe, is Norse myth. In it the Norse gods all know that everything is going to collapse eventually. What to do then? Be brave and just try to forestall that day of disaster as long as possible.

The future for America?  Nothing will change until the country is taken to the woodshed. And to the woodshed it will go, despite the howls and cries that such punishment is primitive and unconscionable in modern times.

But, you might ask, isn’t the Bible helpful here? I believe it certainly is. Believers in God are told to be honest, faithful, and steadfast. But nowhere do I find any special treatment for, even mention of, my beloved America.

Author: John Knapp

2 thoughts on “#171…science, religion, ETC.: “3 Bad American Decisions”

  1. Ah, but will the “woodshed” be just our unhappy event (bad for the world as well I suppose) or will it be part of the ‘Tribulation’ period (however you personally understand that) before Christ returns?

    1. Thanks for the comment. Of course, I don’t know. But I think it will primarily be an eye-opener mostly to Americans, many of whom never have experienced the financial stress of most of the rest of the world; and it will precede the horrifying “bookended” Bible-described events that occur during the end-of-time tribulation period.

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