#134…SCIENCE, RELIGION, ETC.: Categories of Knowing

A Brief Thought about KNOWING


Humans who attempt to be rational and “find out” dump their discoveries, or lack thereof, into one of 3 categories.


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(1)  There are things you know¹.

(2)  There are things you know you don’t know.

(3)  There are things you don’t know that you don’t know.


For example:

(1)  You know a new post will go up today.  (Or you have a reasonable expectation that one will go up because that’s been the pattern for almost a year. But if I died, or my computer died, or my stack of lined-up posts ran out, that wouldn’t happen.)

(2)  Although you know there’ll be a post, you don’t know what it’ll be about.

(3)  You’ve no idea what factors led to my doing a blog/website and what effects the posts will have on anybody who reads them.

As deliberate and “informed” as we all are–some, of course, more than others–we live in a world of mystery. There are a lot of regularities and patterns that we expect and depend upon to have a life that is not chaotic. Sometimes we call them “laws.”

But, despite futile attempts to find a “Theory of Everything” (TOE)²,  there’s no universal set of reasons, or explanation, that predictably tells how things go.

If an unexpected meteorite smashes into Earth tomorrow, we will have to change many of our expectations…


¹ This familiar 3 categories of knowledge was brought to my attention from hearing a recording of a recent lecture in California by Fuzale Rana, a biochemist on the staff of Reasons To Believe. My post here is not an explanation of Rana’s points.

² If you think “TOE” is something I made up, just google it on the Internet.

Author: John Knapp