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A few more

earth-shaking details…

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[The DOOR again, please…]







In response to some questions and puzzlements:


(1)   About navigating our special philosophy/science/religion site.  

When you chase down with a “search” (upper left rectangle) our philosophy/science/religion series, and use the “{1}, {2}, …{29}” numbers to do this, be aware that you may get, for example “{1},” more than once  which, of course, in this case will include this post. If that happens, click on where the number appears in the title of the post. Just hitting “blue” text won’t get you anywhere–except in the title.

(2)  About “missing DOORs” in some of our archive posts.

Sorry, we and our web designer are clueless about why this occasionally happens. If no DOOR appears (all posts have DOORS) and you’re wondering about what follows, just click on the archived title and things should open up.

(3)  Why the irregular “stuttering” sequence of the P/S/R series and when            will it end?

We are truly reading, thinking, and learning as we go. This isn’t old stuff out of a box. We think a sensible worldview, which includes coming to terms with God and the Bible is most important.  (And “we” look in the mirror saying this.) Some  new evidence discovered in science, when considered alongside philosophy and biblical text, is exciting. Sadly, many are not keeping up to date.  Or, are walling themselves off from sharp critics of Christian openness that looks for information that goes beyond naturalism. We’re trying to help correct this.

(4)  And the “stuttering”?…

Some things we encounter require more than “instant contact” and quick reaction. And some new things that suddenly pop up need digesting. We’re reading several new, exciting books we look forward to sharing. So much is happening. And when will our series end? How far past {29}? We don’t know. We’ve spoken of “stepping stones” to cross a river for better understanding of worldview–for yourself or to share. The “stones,” consequently, may not follow the straightest course, or they may be replaced during our journey. Perhaps your comments will help determine the path.

If we’re teaching, we’re doing it with a window and a mirror side by side in front of us.

(5)  And comments?

You can record questions or comments–that will be read–at the end of posts that are old as well as new. We ask, though, that you be specific to the post, and not wordy (we have a lot of traffic).

(6)  Those crazy asterisks (*****) that act as endnotes that some of you despise!

No more. We’ve used them because exponents in the past have turned to mush when going back to old posts. That’s changed, probably because a new version of our formatting replaced the old. Note that we do our best to document what we’ve gathered from other sources.

(7)  Now for the


Be aware that


is a sleazy, sordid, or despicable person.

which we aren’t. But perhaps you can use this to invade, or add to, a Scrabble word and BINGO. There’s a trivial curious side to “us” as well…


Author: John Knapp