#132…science, religion, ETC.: “MIND STEAM”

Picture a person with an enlarged head, eyes pinched shut, with steam–painfully–spewing out of his ears.


The more ridiculous the better!

Our logical mind has great ability to make POWERFUL ILLOGICAL ASSOCIATION… Consider now





That image will remind you NEVER to forget several things we’ve said…


[Yes…you’ll need the DOOR for MORE.]














Say it 3 times and it’s yours².


The key words:  “exists” and “matters.”  Following our axioms ( {1}, {17}, {18}, {19}, & {20} ) you can see that we have a strong belief in the reality of matter–ourselves and the things around us, as well as the ability of science to measure many important things. We also believe in the reality of the magnificent human mind, much of which has not been adequately explained by science and, most likely, can never be.

If there is a purpose beyond the purview of science³, and we believe there is, then something should be said about how we live beyond just surviving and passing our DNA to the next generation.

In other words, some things matter, or are much more important, than others. “MIND STEAM” reminds us of that. And if there is something more around us that matters, it shouldn’t be ignored.

In a noisy world of opinions, some old ones, we feel, have been discarded by thinking too narrowly. We hope to broaden the way you look at things as we do ourselves, now and then looking at some of the modern explosion of new information.

Selecting what matters from what does not isn’t easy. But it’s sad when so many of us wallow in triviality, ignoring things which are important.

Long ago Socrates gave us words which have become a cliché: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” (“Mind steam” may be silly, but it’s not a cliché.)

Is it risky to go deeper than usual? Yes, there’s always risk. But since you’ve come this far, be comforted by Aristotle: “It is the mark of an educated man to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

We…No, “I,” must confess that I’ve been doing that for years. Many ideas out there, have not been challenged, and are wrong…


¹ Perhaps you prefer “Deny” here.

² I’ve been reading in two intriguing old books (still available by the way), Memory Power (Dean Vaughn Learning Systems, 1981) by Dean Vaughn and The Memory Book (Random House, 1974) by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas [Phi Beta Kappa at Ohio State, and NBA player for the New York Knickerbockers]. A key feature of learning to remember involves making illogical mental pictures to remember logical informationAnother score for our magnificent and mysterious human minds!

³ Many scientists emphatically say that “purpose” (other than struggling to survive and reproduce) has no place in scientific thinking. “Purpose,” if it really matters, has to come from outside of science.




Author: John Knapp