#120…WISE WORDS(c)

Just some general words…

Truly 12 seconds…There are 3 of them¹:


(1)  Leave things better            than you find them.




[Take the DOOR, please…]



Ans.:  Well, for one thing, it’s so anti-Darwinian.


(2)  Since you’re so good at some

                  things, and not good at other

                  things, learn to cover your



Ans.:  (a) Nobody else is really interested in

                        them and (b) you’ll actually take small

                  steps to improving yourself.


(3)  Drive like they are trying to

            kill you.


Ans.:  (a) Driving from Point A to Point B is most

           likely the most dangerous thing you’re

                 going to do today. (b) So remember the

          guy coming your way is a totally unknown



That’s more than enough.


¹ I’d better turn the page in my journal…


Author: John Knapp