(A brief interruption in our phil/sci/rel series…or is it?)

William Lane Craig, PhD 


featured in the last Chronicle of Higher Education 

(“The New Theist: How William Lane Craig became Christianity’s boldest apostle,” July 1, 2013)


• You’ve heard of “NEW ATHEISTS”

        (Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, etc.)


• Well, meet what the secular Chronicle calls a

             “NEW THEIST”!


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STOP! Detour ahead!

Atheism has had a powerful effect upon the world of modern science, especially as it’s been presented to laypeople in several best-selling books such as Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion.

And in many places, especially university campuses, even mentioning the possibility of God existing, or being a factor in anything that matters can have undesirable consequences.

That’s why featuring America’s leading evangelical Christian apologist in the secular Chronicle of Higher Education has taken by surprise those who feel that many things can be reasonably and intelligently discussed alongside science. 

As does adozenseconds.com.

So we stop everything, to give you a chance to investigate yourself. It’s very readable. Here’s how you can find the article:
http://rf.convio.net/site/R?i=UJvzfH6uHsRZ6j1p-nI_rw   √ or google  “the chronicle of higher education” and click on “The New Theist.”


William Lane Craig’s website which I highly recommend is the following:


(If you have trouble with either of these, let us know.)


Author: John Knapp