#60…4 MONTHS…

…or 1/3 of a year


A Dozen Seconds enters its “2nd 3rd” of the year.

• We’ve published 59 posts, never missing a deadline.

• Our M, W, F posts each received from 140 to 450 “visits,” or 600 to 850 visits per week. (Yes, we track these things.)

• But visits–what exactly are they?


For MORE use the DOOR…




A visit can mean reading up to the DOOR, moving through the door and going to the end, or simply taking a quick glance and leaving. Or a “bot” doing that. We’ve no way of knowing, so we stop and ask for a bit of feedback. Some have confessed having trouble connecting for comment. If so, let me know through my email address. (Several have done this already.)

You wonder about us?

Well, it’s a two-way street. Some things we ask ourselves about:

(1) Which categories (above at the left) do you find most useful?

(2) When playing catch-up, which of the several archive categories do you find best for skimming? (category, date“recent”) I’ll assume that you’ve noticed that many articles are archived in more than one category.

(3) Other things: content, tone, length, documentation, usefulness in homeschooling, bias, etc.

(4) Suggestions?

Do this at the multiple places open for comment, or, as many already have, you may use directly johnknapp2@gmail.com.

It’s not needing greater numbers, but a desire to be useful and interesting. We know one weakness we have is being pretty general, but as my assoc. editor exhorts me, “Be yourself.” I’ll probably do that regardless. And part of that now is using my ears.

Thank you for coming this far–today and this year.



Author: John Knapp