Many things are NOT as they appear to be…

“The false is with us!”

This morning, passing by a geezer-gate community with walls high enough to protect the outside world from the collected wisdom housed within, I noticed a long yellow plastic strip stapled to wooden stakes along a portion of the outside wall. The cement wall was being furiously attacked by men wielding stout hammers! The claws on the hammers were sending chips of the beautiful grained top flying everywhere.

Whatever was going on? [The DOOR is with us, too.] 


There had been an invasion from the natural world. Fistful after fistful of beautiful, golden hexagonal-combed honey was being pulled out and thrown on the ground. The bees, so they thought, had found  a perfect home. And the honey? Beautiful and now poisoned. Homo sapiens had invaded their territory. Bees that survived had moved on. By evening (or the end of the week) the mess in the grass would be cleaned up, the styrofoam cement wall would be sprayed back on, and life would continue as before.

Some things are real, some things are made to look real (like candles with batteries and bulbs inside to make “flickering” light), and if it seems to matter, we decide which is which. In so many parts of our lives we desire reality, but settle for the illusion of it.

Some things are not as they first seem. Important to recognize this sometimes; other times, not. Often it’s the mark of maturity and wisdom correctly deciding which is which.


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Author: John Knapp