From Tim Keller’s The Reason for God (Riverhead, 2008) we learn:

According to C. S. Lewis,

      It’s easy to love God!




[Quoting from Keller, pp. 50-51]       A friend of C. S. Lewis was once asked, “Is it easy to love God?” and Lewis replied, “It is easy to those who do it.” That is not as paradoxical as it sounds




Lewis continues: “When you fall deeply in love, you want to please your beloved. You don’t wait for the person to ask you to do something for her. You eagerly research and learn every little thing that brings her pleasure. Then you get it for her, even if it costs you money or great inconvenience. ‘Your wish is my command,’ you feel–and it doesn’t feel oppressive at all. From the outside, bemused friends may think, ‘She’s leading him around by the nose,’ but from the inside it feels like heaven.”

Says Keller: “For a Christian, it’s the same with Jesus. The love of Christ constrains. Once you realize how Jesus changed you and gave himself for you, you aren’t afraid of giving up your freedom and therefore finding your freedom in him.”

[As far as I know, Christianity is the only recognized religion that points  out the need for, and provides the opportunity for, establishing a personal relationship with the God who made and sustains the universe. Many who’ve done this have known few facts about the God of the Bible, but still enough to risk committing their lives to the One who made them. But He also gave humans the privilege of saying, “No.” God expects you to be honest. But He can hardly expect you to know everything. Just enough. We make serious decisions every day on information that’s incomplete. “Is she the right one to spend the rest of my life with?” “Will that car coming toward me as I drive to the wedding stay in its lane?” Reasons and risks. We all have them as we move to the altar…or away from it.]


Author: John Knapp