“What do you do first as you walk up to the stage?” asks Q.

“A quick fly check,” I reply.

“Uh…fly?…oh, I get it.”

“A speaker, or writer, wants to get attention for the right thing.” I reply.  “It’s so easy to miscue, and get off on the wrong foot.  For me, the next thing is really important:  I pray.”


“That’s after arranging my notes–and I need them–on the podium, and my prayer comes in two parts.  First, ‘O God, may whatever I say that’s true and important be remembered.’ And second, ‘May whatever is false be forgotten, and may those things which are trivial or incidental do no harm.’ And I mean every word of this.”

“Aren’t you overdoing this?”        [For more use the DOOR.]


“It’s not impossible for me to overdo,” I reply.  “It’s so easy to make mistakes, and ‘up front’ it’s easy to multiply them. But I’m at peace with myself–really–and for what I find to be good reasons.”

“Which are…?”

“If I step back a few feet and look around me, as well as inside myself, I see an exciting world that, in spite of obvious issues, makes a lot of sense and inspires wonder.  I’ve learned certain things that I want to share.  And I enjoy doing that.  Still it scares me.”

“Scares you?”

“Yes.  Every person ‘up front’ has an ego even though his words may fake humility. Besides my fear of sounding arrogant or being boring, there’s James chapter 3.  At times that passage terrifies me.




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Author: John Knapp