The average human lifespan has only 3 billion heartbeats.

(Check your pulse and count a few.  Learn how to do this if you don’t know how— Googling for more info is easy.)


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1.  Who says so?!  (Well, Google “3 billion heartbeats” prepare to be surprised by how much you find!  I didn’t make this up.)

2.  What, really, is a heartbeat?   And how can you measure them?

3.  How many heartbeats then does an average person have in a year?  In an hour class?

4.  When I told a cluster of middle-school students this in a hallway, tears began to form in a girl’s eyes.  “That’s so sad!” she said.  “Not to worry,” I said, “with a heart like yours, you’ll probably have a lot more.  But it’s smart to think about how you use what you have.  That’s what it means to be an adult.”

5.  Also, think about this:  When you exercise hard and fast you often use twice as many heartbeats!  Does that mean athletes die much younger?  No.  Athletes at rest usually require fewer heartbeats per minute for ordinary life than non-athletes.  Also healthier living adds more available heartbeats to one’s life so that the total heartbeats in that person’s life may be many more than the “average” person.

Author: John Knapp

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  1. “Googling for more info is easy” is extremely self-evident. Just sayin’…I mean, if economy of words is relevant.

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