What Do We Concern Ourselves With?

   Hmm…The best way to answer is to show you the titles of our last posts.


           #950   “What Are Our Posts About?” [sci, relig, ETC]

           #949    “When Is a Word Not a Word? [sci. relig, ETC]

           #948    “Literalism Gone Amok” [sci, RELIG, etc]  

           #947     “Forgetting What We Don’t Know” [SCI, RELIG, etc]

           #946      “The Foundation of God’s Expectations” [sci, RELIG. etc]


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   A time to stop and look back:  A unique feature of our website is a set of “multiple archives”–10 of them:



                                RELIGION  (mainly Christianity)

 LITERATURE  (books and words)


 Observations  (Our eyes and ears at work)

 Curiosities  (the odd and unfamiliar–to us)

 Events  (memorable occasions–to us)

 Facts  (things that seem true and important)

 Sources  (that you might miss & that seem to matter)

 ETC  (a catch-all for things above that are not SCIENCE or RELIGION


   Obviously, many things overlap, but the categories above can be chased or followed according to one’s particular interest more easily.

   The search engine works well by category, post title, or complete post number.  ex:  <  #824  > Include the hashtag.

   And it serves as a light-weight filing cabinet for us.