An example of 3rd person L-O with an Interloping Narrator–

   A writing style you’ve never heard of:


   We’ll jump right into the middle of TBOTW [p. 204 (of 500); braced notes added for a moment of clarity]:


   “For…ay…ver” Shirra {8½ years old in 420-day Elphian years} would say accenting each syllable, “For…ev…ver,” Michael would correct, until he realized his mistake, and saw that she was playing a game. He soon learned that while her delightful accent showed through, she could say almost every new English word perfectly when she wanted to. Another language genius like Triana {his companion}. The sort of thing not restricted by age. In fact, he’d learned in school that young children, unknowingly, could often outstrip older people in understanding and speaking a new language. He knew, too, that he wasn’t bad with words either, but he had to work at it.

   Complicating this was that he soon learned that…

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