“No message shirt, Ads?” says former student Elmer Granger. Elm joins his recent professor, once again sitting on his favorite bench on the edge of campus. Since retirement, across the street is his favorite place to obtain decent coffee.

   “Like ‘BLM‘ maybe?” asks Dr. Ads.

   “Yeah,” says Elm.

   “Hmm… It’s hard to put important things down on the front of a shirt.”

   “But what, if someone was after you with a gas can and club? And demanded a visual comment?” asks Elm, adjusting his ball cap

   “Okay… I suppose¹ I’d cover my chest with ‘ALMS Mt. 28:19-20.'”


For more use the DOOR.





   “Yes, of course,” said Ads. “All Lives Matter Significantly. Matthew 28:19-20 sums up the words of the Jesus of the Bible, to whom I’ve committed my life, which He declared at the end of His ministry after rising from the dead before ascending to Heaven.”

   “But aren’t you minimizing a relevant cause today?”

   “No…because at my age, I’m underlining it. The operative word here is ‘all,’ and perhaps to that add ‘significantly.’ How you aim your energy, action, and purpose day by day is between you and God. But following Truth, the Whole Truth, matters more than anything else.


  ¹ Assuming, of course, I have the courage and strength to do so.