There are many ways to describe a book, to bait the hook, or generally inform a potential reader. Here are a dozen for The Blood of Three Worlds.




      1 [of 12]   One God of the universe, similar planets, identical humans.

      2 [of 12]   Living, loving, and dying very, very, very far away.

      3 [of 12]   Formally endorsed as a worthy story by an astrophysicist/seminary prof of New Testament.¹


For more use the DOOR.




      4 [of 12]   Guns hated, armed conflict unavoidable.

      5 [of 12]   No possible return trip.

      6 [of 12]   Encountering witchcraft, poisons, broken bones, and death without modern medicine.

      7 [of 12]   Fifteen illustrations involving two planets.

      8 [of 12]   The Bible book of Acts, a space manual?

      9 [of 12]   Detailed appendices.

    10 [of 12]   The forgotten Sabbath?

    11 [of 12]  Not a Latin, but an English Bible “pushed” into unknown Elphian.

   12 [of 12]  Two (perhaps 3) precocious teens: “I am yours eyefor, eyefor, eyefor (forever, forever, forever)”


  ¹ For many of you, the “one-liner” will be overbuilt. There, we got our footnote in. For some of you, TBOTW will be the best story you read this year.