The “Oldest on Earth¹” really?


For more use the DOOR.




   Just some details as we get used to our new computer… This is not a typical column if this is your first time here. We’ve produced numbered posts², at the rate of 3 per week (MWF) for more than 7³ years (that’s since 2013, not 343 years) that might be confusing to our science-y readers.

   This has been under the same picture taken from the window of our first Tower Office at Heart Lake Pennsylvania, by the way.

   Our purpose? This is explored in the options under the menu bar above.

   Features here?

   (1) More than 1130 original posts.

   (2) Multiple archives, 7 of them because some topics can easily belong to more than one category–such as science and religion. We also have an ear for literature which falls under language. And there’s philosophy where we occasionally think about “What is?” and “What matters?” in the world where we are.

   (3) And sometimes we call your attention to a key event, person, day, or a piece of old information that catches our fancy.

   (4) A search engine that lets you look for old posts with numbers, words, and/or phrases.

   (5) A DOOR motif that becomes “real” with a click, where you get more than you bargained for when you offered us “12 seconds” of your life.

   (6) Footnotes to make an effort to make us look more serious.

   (7) A chance to let you react to what we’ve said, and us to respond back.

   Our promised time–and more than that–is up. So that’s it.


   ¹ We stand to be corrected if necessary. We haven’t missed a deadline in our MWF schedule in more than 7 years (with one small exception that we couldn’t control. We were cut off for a bit more than 2 weeks a couple of months ago for “restructuring work on our website” and no new posts could drop out of our queue). As to the “Earth” part: We’re serious. Other planets are just too far away to do more than just speculate about. Except for two of them: Emryss and Elphia that are beyond our solar system. Our present knowledge about the 4000+ known exoplanets is still a bit limited, though you can check what we know about two of them in Earth Is Not Alone and The Blood of Three Worlds, in the sidebar on the right.

  ² This post will be #1130+ something.

  ³ Math and science meet when producing superscripts! The same symbols can represent entirely different things. Oh, and by the way, we deliberately represent numbers as Arabic numerals, to make them stand out and help in skimming or doing fast reading.