When we look around ourselves

   and ponder,

   on what foundation do we build upon?


We offer KEEPSANE.


   [Rather, we revisit it. If you want to come along, use the DOOR.]




   As we grow up, we gather information about ourselves…and the world in which we live.

   But how do we organize things? Stack things up? It’s easy to accumulate a lot of clutter–ideas, as well as things. And as we wander, much–fortunately–breaks up and falls away. There’s so much of everything, and if our eyes are open, so many ways to go, mountains of information, exciting things every day–some delightful, some mysterious, some dangerous. So many choices.

   KEEPSANE¹ is a recognition of foundation stones that are soundproof², understandings that are so self-evident that no one has to wonder about proving them.

   It’s satisfying to admit this. So we do. Actually, so we did in Posts #1073, #1074, and #1075. We invite you to go, or return³, there to reestablish a solid footing for what will come down road.

   There are things we can be certain about before we start digging into the hard (tough) crust, or soft (warm) sand, of January. “Dig”? Okay. Consider our 5 points as 5 shovels–“real” shovels that help us to metaphorically move (and alliterate) into the new year.


   ¹ “KEEPSANE” That’s Knapp’s Elementary Existential Philosophy Simply And Neatly Explained. “Existential” is the big word we need to keep a smidgen of respectability to what will follow. Every package of thought has to start somewhere.  Existential philosophy in brief begins with accepting the reality–and importance– of human existence.  But every adult person–by choice or default–has a worldview that, if necessary, can be described one way or another. If put on the spot, at one end of the logical spectrum, a person may declare, “As I walk out of the door each morning, I put a wet finger in the air and go whichever way the wind is blowing. If somehow I can convince the wind to lead me to my class, I will teach a lesson on differential equations. If not, I won’t.” We feel the bar is too low to accept that. We’ll try to raise it a bit. And the journey to attempt that is exhilarating.

   ² Realize that other philosophers (with their PhDs in philosophy itself) might lock their doors if they see me coming. But that is their choice.

   ³ Click #1073 in the little search rectangle at the upper left. If it offers several choices, like going to the footnote here, be clever and tap on the right one.