Yes, this as you will see is a behind-the-scenes draft…


   Philosophy?  What is it?  The answer is quite simple: It’s a verbal framework that philosophers use to organize what they think about existence, reality, and logic.


I will join the club. Here’s mine¹:  KEEPSANE











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      Where does one start in philosophy, when a shelf of thick books are written on every issue brought up? A simple answer (add another bookshelf) is to begin with a foundation. A “foundation” of what? Well, what things am I absolutely sure about? If you think I’ll get religious² in a hurry, you may be surprised.

   Here’s what I am absolutely sure about. I–personally–need no proof whatsoever (except maybe a tad of solid proof on #5 would be welcome) on the following up-coming assertions.

   The foundation comes in 5 parts:

   (1)  I exist.

   I am no “illusion” (and neither are you.) regardless of how philosophers have diddled with this notion through the centuries. I am “real” (another notion they diddle with). Very real. Very confident of that. If a dot of doubt³ pops up, I pinch myself very hard.  I am the most real thing I’m aware of. That’s the cornerstone of the house I’m building.

   But there is a corollary to this part.

   Corollary 1 (of 1)  I can move around. I am not a tree. Or a granite boulder.


   [That’s it for today. Though you may think this sounds too simple, note we’ve thrown in a big word–“existential”–to make things sound important. We’ll deal with (2) and (3) (of the 5) in the next post.]


   ¹ Note the “I,” and the abandoning of editorial “we” here.

   ² Religion, or “faith,” or Christian truths of course matter to me (and I hope to you), but that’s not the way I start building–or explaining things–here.

   ³ Don’t overlook the alliterative “d’s”and “p’s” here. One can have good content, but one should take a bit of care to talk about a variety of things as well as one can. (The 3 footnotes here should convince you we’re up to something serious.)