How did Jesus begin His Ministry?


   From being essentially an “unknown,” after being baptized by John the Baptist (His prequel spokesman) and being specially tempted by Satan, He started traveling not far from where He was raised…


And did 4 things.


For those you’ll have to use the DOOR.




   Be sure and check the source of this information¹.

   Here are the 4 things He immediately began doing:


   (1)  He urged people to repent².

   (2)  He dramatically healed people in practical, physical need.

   (3)  He addressed common emotional concerns (in what we call the Beatitudes). These concerns are

   (a)  discouragement

   (b)  sorrowing over loss

   (c)  needing “softness” and understanding

   (d)  searching for what is right and true

   (e)  searching for understanding

   (f)  desiring cleanness and purity

   (g)  wanting peace in an environment of conflict

   (h)  dealing with outright persecution

   (i)  dealing with those who lie about you

   (4)  He declared that correctly dealing with these issues will result in reward in a real hereafter.


   People who gather to hear a speaker–in person or on TV or radio–will “linger” if they feel the words they hear come from someone who gives evidence of having authority, and one who understands common, often privately felt, emotional and practical needs. Discussion of the personal need for a real “God connection,” though important, often comes later.

   The repent part, however, is often a tough nut to crack.


   ¹ Matthew 4:17 and 5:1-10.

   ² Repentance is often tough, but very necessary in turning to God. A cheap, automatic ticket to heaven is not what Jesus came to offer. Good works do not save anyone, though they are expected.