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   Thousands and thousands of the homeless, especially street people, are packing into several American cities–for a variety of reasons. Here are some observations and suggestions for understanding this horrific problem that is aleady killing people at our doorsteps. This will be solved one way or another without our recommendations. Whatever action or pathway anyone suggests, allows, and enforces to resolve this will be judged hateful, and will make that person and his associates subject to being guilty of hate crime–by a considerable number of people.


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General Realities and Concerns

   (1)  With the passage of time, (a) those who feel entitled to “receive” are dramatically outnumbering (b) those those who “understand” and are able to “give.”

   (2)  Filthy public group living leads to drug addiction and horrible diseases that can affect large groups.

   (3)  Everyone who is homeless, or not, is dependent on the power grid. Without electricity for an extended period, many will quickly die–regardless of what anyone does.

   (4)  Regulation and control of the Internet is in the hands of a few brilliant, knowledgeable insiders. Without access and use of the Internet, individuals and societies, and especially those we lable as “publically homeless” cannot survive.

   (4)  We have mentioned several times the sage secular prophecies of William Strauss and Neil Howe’s The Fourth Turning… (1997) that traces 7 cycles of history that affect America and the Western World from the 1500s until now. Western society is presently at the end of one of those cycles. You can easily see our take on this in our posts #217, #216, #217, #218, #667, and #1037¹. (Enter these numbers as provided here in the search rectangle at the upper left.)


Specific Realistic Concerns Regarding the Homeless Problem

   (5)  This “blight” (as those with homes think of it) will end.

   (6)  Historical documentation about the application of triage which is almost always buried or papered over should be studied and discussed: the accepting, treating, and just “being near” thousands of suddenly killed or seriously injured soldiers and war casualities in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars should be reexamined; and the record of recovery from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in WWII should be studied.

   (7)  Add to that the way flu was treated in 1917ff, polio in the 1950s, and ebola fever in recent years.

   (8)  We should consider how life and social contact was considerably, and “acceptably,” altered during times of plague.

   (9)  We should identify and understand how some infectious diseases are incurable.

  (10)  We should recognize how vigilantism, regardless of laws, could “scrape the streets clean” when circumstances get more outrageous. What if police, as a united group act as as a block to “turn their backs” on a vigilante sort of street crime as homelessness begins to destroy a city–as those already committing other crimes have done already. The entire police force of a city cannot, or will not, be fired. If so, the city itself would disappear.

   (11)  If a group of people get physically pushed from where they are to another location, people there will be furious, though they may join the ranks of those business owner already abused, and move the homeless still elsewhere.


   ¹ Other reasons, beyond those which are strictly secularly described by Strauss and Howe, can be offered. But that is not our purpose or focus here.