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   It seems fitting, while considering the anniversary of the 9/11 attack on 2001, to present this post. One of the potential disasters that could cripple the United States, even the whole planet, is an orchestrated atmospheric electromagnetic pulse attack on modern technology.

   Usually, when specialists gather to seriously consider this possibility, after a few hours of discussion, everyone slips away quietly with sealed lips, the last person silently closing the door.

   Newt Gingrich was one of the last to highlight the problem when he declared that an EMP attack was one the the 3 greatest threats to destroy all modern society as we know it¹.

   At issue, is the possibility that only 3 strategically placed atmospheric explosions could take out the entire USA electrical power grid for a season, many years, or forever.

   This possibility is no longer out of reach richly funded terrorists.

   Two more details:

   (1)  Older vacuum tube technology is immune to EMP.

   (2)  The effect of EMP explosions is a background motif in our recommended Earth Is Not Alone (2009, one of the first pieces of fiction to recognize EMP) and (new, 2019) The Blood of Three Worlds. These books appear at the right and can be sampled by poking into them.

   But do some homework yourself.


   ¹ Newt Gingrich, in his Winning the Future (2005), identifies the 3 greatest threats America presently faces, namely nuclear destruction, bio-chemical attack, and an EMP attack. There have been a flurry of mainly “quiet studies” after “minor” nuclear testing over Hawaii in 1962-63 erased electrical power for 8 minutes. EMP can be effective and devastating, invisibly “melting down” forever over wide regions all micro- and printed circuitry if blasts are high up and large enough. Blasts available today are many times more powerful than those set off in 1962. Don’t ignore articles written in Scientific American, National Geographic, or even Popular Science. (Or previous posts on adozenseconds.com.)