How did rolls of toilet paper affect

   the creating of,

   the signing of, and

   the celebrating of

   the Declaration of Independence?

For more go through the DOOR (and lock it beHIND you).




   It had absolutely no effect.


   What’s going on here? First of all, rolls of toilet paper hadn’t been invented yet. That didn’t come until Joseph Gayetty’s commercial invention of paper rolls 81 years later. (If you need a break, Google this while taking it later.) Can you imagine a similar project and its public celebration in 2019? Such a gathering with no toilet paper anywhere nearby–in city or meadow? There is privacy about some things in our public past.

   But it’s hard to imagine realistically how certain events transpired. We’ve lost forever certain information about certain events.

   There’s no record, I’m aware of, about rudeness or riots concerning such matters. There was no expectation of anything that would make certain matters more bearable. Life went on.

  Imagine a large all-day 4th of July celebration without the traditional porta-potties–or porta-potties without paper. A non-minority mayor in charge would be removed from office.

   Expectations have escalated. Our new-found modernity demands much more. If EMP explosions knocked out the electrical power grid throughout the country we would be frustrated, furious, and frantic when not only would t.p. be gone, but it couldn’t be remade, or transported anywhere, along with no food, no medications, no a.c., no heat, no light, no gasoline, no records of anything on computer screens. We are dependent on the wires connected to our house that deliver everything that is necessary to appliances, electronics, anything that has to be plugged in.

   Most of us will quickly more slowly die because almost everything we need depends on electrical power. And what little we can gain or preserve will be subject to be taken by those who are stronger and hungrier.

   No more mortgages, salaries, credit cards, computers or even new books. Shall we now encourage you to buy print-formatted stories?

   Of course! Don’t neglect your print or shelf copy of The Blood of Three Worlds.

   You expected a footnote¹? Here it is.


   ¹ Get both an ebook and print book of The Blood of Three Worlds while you still can. The former will disappear but the latter can be especially enjoyed in the future by candlelight…it can never be replaced, however.