Sacred to the Memory


Lynn S. Love


who, during his life time [sic]

killed 98 Indians that had been

delivered into his hands by the

Lord. He had hoped to make it

to 100 before the year ended

when he fell asleep in the arms

of Jesus in his home.

–In N.Y. state¹


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   This was the most unforgettable citation (one of 123) in the old book cited below. The volume is a compendium of excerpts from dozens of sources collected from long ago. I urge you to set it alongside other detailed information about the early history of the United States.


   Two more citations:

   “The story [this book] of our government’s intercourse with this race is an unbroken narrative of injustice, fraud and robbery.”

–from George Bird Grinnell, Blackfoot Lodge Tales (1892, p.ix) [cited in Note 1 below.]


   Abraham Lincoln while President said: “If I live, this accursed system of robbery and shame in the treatment of Indians shall be reformed.”  [in Note 1 below.]

   He (Lincoln) didn’t.


   ¹ Julia Seton, The Gospel of the Redman: A Way of Life (Seton Village, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1966, 109pp. 123 footnotes).