Yes, language is an occasional interest here.


   “In Spain, families and friends sitting around after finishing a meal are having a sobremesa.

   “Germans enjoying the solutude of being alone in the woods experience Waldeinsamkeit.

   “In Iceland one such word is isbiltur, which…”


For more use…the DOOR.




“…describes a road trip to get ice cream, a hallowed family tradition on the island nation.¹”


   And so Clara Nugent cleverly introduces a two-page spread about Katrin Jakobsdottir [we ignorantly voice it as “Jacob’s daughter”] who is prime minister of Iceland.

          Some quick facts about the PM and her country:

   (1)  At 43 she’s the youngest woman to lead a European country.

   (2)  Iceland has only 350,000 people.

   (3)  She’s from an environmental party, wants to make the country a leader in “climate action,” with an ambitious plan to make Iceland “carbon neutral” by that 2040 (10 years before the target set for Iceland’s neighbors). Scientists say that Iceland is losing 15 sq. mi. of its glaciers each year. “It can be an advantage to be small,” Jakobsdottir says, “because you can do things bigger and faster.”

   (4)  She’s big on gender equality, too; and is ahead of her sister countries on that issue, too. (But you’re going to have check all that out on you wr own time.)

   (5)  She is married to Gunnar Sigvaldason, has 3 sons, and was elected PM in 2017 [acc. to Wikipedia].


   Enough of that. Now you know more about Iceland that you did a dozen seconds ago.

   The likability of the PM–voted Iceland’s most trusted politician in 2016–is on display as she and her interviewer arrive at Bears, a family-run ice cream parlor, and she chats in Icelandic to the owner’s young daughter and pores excitedly over their stash of chocolate-covered licorice, a national staple that she demands that Time try.

   A great way to start of a descriptive piece…as any observing, caring writer would aver.


   ¹ Ciara Nugent, “Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir Walks the Talk, Even on Ice Cream Runs,” Time Aug. 5, 2019.