It’s not just a matter of “faith,”

   but faith in “What?”


 Jesus commands those who

   follow Him to make disciples.

   But what reasons are there

   to  accept and obey Jesus TODAY,

   2000 years later?


   Such reasons fall under the heading



For a month-long journey considering this,

use the DOOR.




   Looking back, A Dozen Seconds has identified 30 posts that trace a path, not a clearly marked highway, that makes observations about (in some kind of order) about things that such a trip worthwhile¹.

   The journey simply works like this: Put a number from one to thirty in braces and go to that post in the search window at the upper left. Enter 3 or 4 “marks” and you’ll get exactly to the right post–or two or three posts that for other reasons contain that identifier, but can at a glance figure out which post is intended. These posts, you see, were written irregularly, not all at one time.

  Here are the first three and the last two:









   ¹ We’ve generated enough “movement” here to avoid a serious footnote.