Time for a pause

   and a brief summary…


   This is our 1001st post.


   What have we done?  And what are we about?


For more–as always–it’s through the DOOR.




   Since 2013 we’ve produced 3 new posts a week [MWF), without missing a day (though once we came close). What did we¹ write about? Interesting things that came our way.

   Different things.

   Things so different that we felt we had create different archives so that followers could more easily chase their interests, going back to old posts that we’ve kept since the beginning. There are 4 main categories and 3 “minor” ones, that if they make sense, please tell us! At the least, they may erase some of the randomness of what we’ve done.

   LANGUAGE    (We’ve had some experience with books, teaching, and writing.)

   PHILOSOPHY   (How to think and organize ideas according to patterns.)

   RELIGION    (Mainly Christianity…We’re believers, and have a Christian worldview.)

   SCIENCE    (We’re trained a bit in that.)

   Facts      (Maybe some data matter that you’ve overlooked.)

   Observations    (This is a biggie…Isn’t all we produce basically that?)

   Sources     (If important info is floating around that needs an anchor, we’ll attach or identify one)

   And, of course, there’s considerable overlap, so some posts go to more than one place. We welcome comment and reaction and give you a place to do it.

   Please share with a person who might enjoy this.

   Know anybody else who’s done this much?

   Time’s up.

   Thanks for visiting A Dozen Seconds.


[The Blood of Three Worlds by John Knapp II (Ephemeron Press, 2019) is now available at Amazon, in print or ebook formats. Go to Amazon for a description and a free “peek into” the book itself.  At the time of this writing, the Kindle version is free to read for 30 days for Kindle Prime customers.]


   ¹ The writing and editorial “we,” of course. (And now we’ve added our traditional footnote.)